Scooter Technology

Part 2-What parts make up an electric scooter?

Frame : 

The frame is just a body to mount everything on, also you need somewhere to stand on. Ezeboost is made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum is light and strong . Weight is an important factor especially in an electric scooter and allows the battery to last for longer rides and faster acceleration. Generally, escooters are between 35-75 Lb.



An electric scooter throttle is the part that gives the ability to control the speed of the ride. Basically, the electric scooter’s speed rises as the rider presses harder the throttle.


The most important safety component of an electric scooter is its brakes. Your brakes control the stopping distance and stopping performance of the escooter. Although there are different braking systems, they can be split into two main categories: mechanical brake and electronic brake. At least one braking system will be present on an electric scooter, and many have more than one. In case one brake system fails, we recommend scooters with several braking systems which is seen in ezeboost escooters. With a quick response ezeboost brake system shortens braking distance and ensures safe riding. You can also use your foot to reduce the speed in case of brake failure. It is also recommended to upgrade to hydraulic disk brake for better performance.

To be Continued ….