Scooter Technology

Part 1: How does an electric scooter work?

Electric scooters are easy to use and maintain and that’s why they are so useful and enjoyable. Escooters are environmentally friendly, light, compact and convenient for travel in tight and busy streets as well as for storing in confined spaces. While they are a modern piece of transportation technology, they are not very complex in the way they work compared to most vehicles and EV.

Let’s go over what goes into one of these urban travel vehicles; how do they work at a technical level?

Let’s use the ezeboost escooter as our example because it is a good example of the cost to performance ratio that technological innovations allow.

We first need to learn about all those little parts that truly make up your electric scooter so that you can understand how an escooter functions.

We’ll consider an electric scooter in these parts: Frame, Throttle, Brake, Motor, Battery and Motor controller.

In a simple word When the rider presses or twists the throttle, Wires carry electrical currents to the controller, which then tells the battery to release electricity to wheel motor. The scooter starts moving as a result of the motor’s conversion of the energy into wheel motion.

Scooter technology

To be Continued ….