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Escooter Vig Blade




The Blade is notable for three things: high quality components, abundant features, and high price-performance ratio. What you get on a Blade rivals and often exceeds the quality and number of features on other high performance rides like the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro and Dualtron Storm. However the Blade and Blade Pro cost significantly less, so they’re a better overall value.

Blade is a solidly-built, high-performance scooter and not intended for first-time riders. But for those graduating from an anemic, entry-level e-scooter, it makes a fantastic cruising and urban/suburban commuter that offers exhilaration like you’ve never experienced.

Power to Conquer Any Terrain

A 60V powertrain fuelling twin 1,500W motors for a combined 3,000W of power. It’s enough to get you to 85km/h or 52mph…more importantly it will get you up virtually any hill you’ll come across. And with a 23Ah or a 29Ah (LG) battery, you’ll enjoy range of up to 80km per charge*.

Comfort and Control

Blade handles curbs, speed bumps and most off-road terrain divinely, thanks to it’s combination hydraulic + spring suspension on both wheels, which you can adjust to suit your weight or preferred softness. These are actually the exact same shocks as on the Nami Burn E2! Big, self-healing, 11″ (3″ wide) tubeless pneumatic tires hug the road. Braking is extremely responsive, with hydraulic front and rear brakes. Blade is ideal for larger riders, being able to handle rider up to 150kg (330lbs). And if you’re tall, the adjustable stem can raise the handlebars up to 104″, higher than almost every other scooter. The handlebar grips are are grippy rubber, contoured and with just the right amount of softness (plus they lock in place so won’t rotate). Off-road, knobby tires are available, even a seat, if that’s your thing.

Safety Comes Standard

In addition to the hydraulic brakes, hydraulic suspension and adjustable stem height (to keep your arms at the right angle to maximize your control), an integrated steering damper increases control and safety at high speeds. Integrated turn signals make your intentions known to other riders and cars, and optional, large, high-mounted external signals make it even clearer. 360 degrees of lighting including a bright, 2,000 lumen headlamp and deck-mounted LED strips keep you visible.

No Upgrades Needed

Every Blade component is arguably the best available, from the adjustable shocks to the self-healing tires. The Blade Pro offers additional luxuries that aren’t generally found on electric scooters under $4,000, such as a large 3.5″, graphical colour TFT display and an NFC wireless key lock. The kickstand is heavy-duty, CNC-machined and rugged.

Blade vs. Blade Pro

The Blade and Blade Pro are identical except for the battery (23Ah vs. 29Ah LG), suspension (non-adjustable vs. adjustable), throttle (finger throttle vs. thumb throttle with 2 styles available), display (standard EY3 display vs. 3.5″ TFT display) and key lock (standard keys vs. wireless NFC keys).

Model Comparison

The two Blade models vary only in battery size, suspension and cockpit features. Only the differences are listed here, for all technical specs see below.

 BladeBlade Pro
Battery60V 23.4Ah60v 28.8Ah(LG)
Max Range*60 km80 KM
SuspensionHydraulic + springHydraulic + spring, adjustable
DisplayMinimotors EY3 (monochrome LCD)Rectangular 3.5″ colour TFT
Voltage DisplaySeparate LED displayIntegrated into TFT display
ThrottleFingerThumb (rotating or lever style)
Key Lock DisplayPhysical key displayNFC key (wireless)

* Note that real-world range is typically 50% to 70% any manufacturer’s maximum advertised range. The actual range you’ll get is impacted by riding in performance modes, climbing hills, aggressive starts-and-stops and aged batteries.

Key Features