Experiencing joint pain while walking, jogging, or running?

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You might be experiencing knee, ankle, or hip pain due to recovering from an injury, or having had a surgery in the past. You’ve most likely been on a rehab program that might include walking, jogging, walking on a treadmill or an elliptical. Suddenly you might realize that you started to develop some joint pain. You might feel that it is a little hard to walk and to continue with your exercises pain free. You might even experience a little bit of swelling or flare up. It could also be because you have become recently more active than usual. Maybe you are training for a marathon, so you are pushing your body and increasing your mileage. Furthermore, you might be an individual experiencing rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis in which case normal activities such as jogging or even walking might cause some discomfort and joint pain.

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In any of these events the worst thing to do would be to completely stop and not do any activity with the thought that it will help your joint pain get better. Physiotherapists would often take the active rehab approach, and this simply means that you will need a modified rest. This means that you would take a little step back to let the joint recover by doing alternative form of exercise that reduces stress on your joints.

We want to do some form of exercise to keep our strength and in some cases flush out the swelling and that won’t set you backwards and delay the healing. In many cases people will take anti inflammatory drugs for a quick fix for their joint pain and swelling. However, what is best for the body is to naturally go through the process of healing and after two to three days start seeing swelling and pain go down.

Biking is a great option especially if you enjoy the outdoors. The resistance and pressure that biking puts through your knee, ankle and hip joint is less than that of normal walking or jogging. The pressure put through the joints by biking is just enough to help the joint recover and not set it back.

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Another alternative would be an electric bike (Ebike). This would be especially beneficial for someone who has had a severe injury or for an elderly who is experiencing a form of arthritis. The reason being with an Ebike you can get the assistance of the electric motor whenever you start experiencing a bit of joint pain or whenever it is difficult for you to pedal (ex: uphill). This, as a result, will ensure that there is not any unnecessary pressure on the joints and that the body is not overexerting itself. With daily improvements of your joint pain, you can start to rely less and less on the electric motor assistance and can take on different routes with more uphill to gradually increase the resistance on the joints.

One thing to keep in mind is to always plan your trip and know which route you are going to be taking for your bike ride. Also, to make sure you pack water with you for hydration and sunglasses and a hat if it is sunny as well as a healthy snack. Most importantly is to ensure that your bicycle or electric bike is safe to ride and does not need any repairs.

Our services for electric bikes and bicycles include brake, gear, and tire adjustments. As well as tightening of bolts, applying lubricant to chain, inflating tires and much more to ensure you have a safe ride.